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4,74 EUR*
Details LINK-HANDLE-DIV-OF-SEYMOUR-3-Pk-Sledgehammer-Handle-Wedge

3 Pack, Sledge/Hammer Handle Wedge, 1 Wood & 2 Steel.

42,93 EUR*
Details Handler-001046Handler-12Stck

Der Handler is made with Antimicrobial Verbindungen, um die Oberfläche zu schützen. Die Kunststoff- und Gummiteile in Verbindung mit der Silver Nano-Partikel während des Herstellungsprozesses. Tests zeigen, dass diese Silberpartikel hemmen das ...

13,57 EUR*
Details United-States-Hdwe-P-045C-Clear-Faucet-Handles-CLEAR-FAUCET-HANDLE

Clear, Plastic, Mobile Home Faucet Handle, 1-3/4" Height, 3/8" ID.

17,29 EUR*
Details BrassCraft-SH7752-Valley-Faucets-Handle-for-Single-Handle-Lavatory-and-KitchenTubShower-Faucet-Applications-by-BrassCraft-Mfg

Clear Acrylic Handle, For Valley Brand Lavatory Or Kitchen Faucets, This Handle Is Distinguished By A Set Screw On The Front Of The Handle.

29,18 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Leviticus-Brass-Handle-with-Rose

The name of the handle indicates as if the tail of the handle is levitating from the base. It has a special name which has been kept on the third book of Bible. The handle has a rose instead of a back plate which takes less space on the doors. Handles ...

22,80 EUR*
Details Salatbesteck-Animal-Handles-Nashorn

Salatbesteck "Animal Handles" Bringen Sie afrikanischen Stil auf Ihren Esszimmertisch - mit diesem tollen Salatbesteck "Animal Handles" aus Holz mit verschiedenen geschnitzten Tiermotiven am Griffende. Das Set bestehend aus einer Salatgabel und einem ...

13,88 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Amon-Brass-Handle-with-Rose-Polish-Lacquered

This brass handle comes with a rose attached to it. The sea of brass creates a firm base for the handle that has a unique name. The name of the handle Amon, means faithful and this is what is it is in functionality. You can almost imagine this handle ...

11,34 EUR*
Details Roll-Bar-Handle

AE25558 - Team Associated Roll Bar Handle Team Associated | Art.Nr.: AE25558 | EAN: 0784695255586

13,17 EUR*
Details Handler

Har Mar Superstar - Handler - Cd

2,01 EUR*
Details Faithfull-Laubholz-Datei-Handle-75mm-3in-FAIHWF3

- Faithfull - Laubholz Datei-Handle 75mm (3in) - FAIHWF3

10,56 EUR*
Details NTC3-FT-Carbon-Handle

AE2261 - Team Associated NTC3 FT Carbon Handle Team Associated | Art.Nr.: AE2261 | EAN: 0784695022614

10,85 EUR*
Details Norpro-207-Steamer-with-DetachExtend-Handle

Stainless Steel Steamer with Detachable Handle

17,20 EUR*
Details Faithfull-TCT-Scraper-50mm-Soft-Grip-Handle

- Faithfull TCT Scraper 50mm Soft Grip Handle

44,92 EUR*
Details Sledge-Hammer-8-lb-Fibreglass-Handle-65-631

Sledge Hammer 8 lb Fibreglass Handle (65-631)

51,46 EUR*
Details Vaughan-ABL24-Brick-Hammer-Steel-Handle-24oz

Vaughan ABL24 Brick Hammer Steel Handle 24oz

62,99 EUR*
Details M21-Carson-Folder-Black-G10-Handle-Plain

CRKT M21 Carson Ordner schwarz G10 Handle Auto LAWKS. Geschlossene Gr��e 10,6 cm. 8cr14 Stahl-Klinge mit Titan Nitrat Beschichtung. Black G10 Handle. Herausnehmbare Edelstahl-Clip

27,71 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Mark-Brass-Handle-with-Rose

A strong black handle with the appearance of a weapon is what best describes his handle. The name has a special meaning in Biblical terms where it means Polite and the subtle appearance of the handle justifies it. Plain looks can be defying and this ...

6,50 EUR*
Details Bialetti-Replacement-for-Zera-2-Cups-1-Handle-Italian-Import-

Bialetti replacement spare handle 2 cup for zera espresso coffee makers. The handle is 8.5cm in length. Product comes in black.

21,55 EUR*
Details Draper-375MM-Flex-Handle-1-2DR-PCKD-75843

Draper Expert 1/2 "Handle Square Drive Flexible - 375 mm Stange

20,99 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Esther-Brass-Handle-with-Rose

The satin nickel finish of this door handle is available in the display. This handle makes a perfect fit for doors in your offices and homes where modern taste rules. Esther means a star in Hebrew. This name fits correctly to this handle as it becomes ...

12,03 EUR*
Details Forge-Bow-Handle-Victorian-Brass-Finish-156mm-6in

Forge Bow Handle - Victorian Brass Finish 156mm (6in)

25,34 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Ezra-Brass-Handle-with-Rose

The name of the handle has been inspired from the Bible where it means help or court. The handle helps you to keep your doors in place and use them effectively. When you look at the brass door handle you realise it has both style and functionality ...

19,90 EUR*
Details Kosmos-693305-Catan-Hndler-Barbaren-Erweiterung-Strategiespiel

Kosmos Die Siedler von Catan: Händler & Barbaren (6933050) Erweiterung 2-4 Spieler

21,80 EUR*
Details ROUGHNECK-Micro-Square-Shovel-With-27-inch-Handle

Roughneck 68006 Micro Square Shovel 27-inch Handle

28,45 EUR*
Details Faithfull-Carbon-Finishing-Trowel-330mm-Soft-Grip-Handle

- Faithfull Carbon Finishing Trowel 330mm Soft Grip Handle

26,56 EUR*
Details Aluminium-Cutting-Ruler-with-Black-Grip-Handle-100cm

Aluminium Cutting Ruler with Black Grip Handle 100cm

26,46 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Nehemiah-Brass-Handle-with-Rose

The term used to name the handle means repentance of the Lord in Hebrew. You can see that the handle is made to just touch the head of the handle which is firmly attached to the rose. Here the design can give your doors a quirky look and make them ...

9,49 EUR*

KONG Squeezz Ball With Handle Der Squeezz Ball With Handle von KONG ist ein robustes Hundespielzeug, das speziell für Zerr- und Apportierspiele entwickelt ist. Das Spiel sorgt sowohl drinnen im Haus als auch draußen für eine ganze Menge Spaß bei ...

4,28 EUR*
Details Boye-Straight-Latch-Hook-675-Plastic-Handle

BOYE-Latch Hook-Straight Handle. Easily create beautiful latched rugs using this hinged hook to form a knotted pile from short, pre cut pieces of yarn. Size: 6.75. Color: Red. Plastic Handle.

5,36 EUR*
Details ALM-Manufacturing-FL198Flymo-Upper-Handle-Assembly-kit-ALMFL198by-Alm-Manufacturing

The Alm Manufacturing fl198 Flymo Upper Handle Assembly Kit contains Handle FINGERWHEELS and bolts T

3,95 EUR*
Details Bialetti-Replacement-Spare-Handle-1-Cup-For-Break-Espresso-Coffee-Makers

Bialetti replacement spare handle 1 cup for break espresso coffee makers. The handle is 5.5cm in length. Product comes in black.

26,00 EUR*
Details HOMEWERKS-WORLDWIDE-LLC-Acrylic-2-Handle-Lavatory-Faucet

Baypointe, Basic Chrome Finish, 2 Acrylic Handles, Lavatory Faucet, Without Pop Up Assembly, 4" Center Set, For Replacement Hot/Cold 2 Handle Washerless Cartridge Use TV #133-809, Meets Low Lead Requirements.

16,79 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Shealtiel-Black-Iron-Door-Handle-with-Plate

The name of the handle has been taken from Hebrew language where it means "I have asked of God." The godly appearance of the handle justifies the name and brings a character to your doors. The curvy tail in which the handle ends makes a style ...

21,91 EUR*
Details Hard-to-Handle-Black-America-Sings-Otis-Redding

Hard to Handle-Black America Sings Otis Redding

93,87 EUR*
Details T-fal-Injinio-Only-handle-Black-Fire-18217

Brand new.;T-fal Black Fire Only Handle 18 217 Injinio

11,29 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Abiram-Brass-Door-Handle-with-Plate

You will be proud to own a door handle like this. So is the meaning of the name Abiram. The name means that "my father is exalted, proud" and proud indeed is what this handle makes you. The mere look at this handle makes you feel the pride of a good ...

14,98 EUR*
Details Adonai-Hardware-Pedaiah-Black-Iron-Door-Handle-with-Plate

Some things look best when they are conventional. So is this door handle which has earned its name from the Holy Bible. Pedaiah means redemption of the Lord which is a strong name for a door handle. Made out of iron this door handle comes with a back ...